All Star Converse custom by Muffinshop

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Italian handmade custom shoes
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Custom Converse

The variety of Custom Converse available in the Muffin store will certainly be wide enough for you to find the shoe you wish. We have one shoe for every occasion.

Custom All Star shoes like you've never seen before...

If you are already thinking about Summer, for example, we can offer you the floral line, Fluo or the most creative selection of hand-painted sneakers. If it's time to show off your grit, you can go for the various All Star models with studs or camouflage, there are so many of them!

The sneakers boom came about in the Sixties, when they spread among the great rock stars, but they quickly became a universal icon for many generations to come. With the Custom Converse you can challenge history by wearing All Stars you've never seen before. You're sure you will leave your mark!

They are suitable for people looking for a casual, rock and always up-to-date style.

And if you have to get married, don't forget to visit the section of Converse for Wedding or of other custom shoes.